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Rosalie is one of the most trusted and successful real estate professionals in the Ojai Valley. She is expert at finding the right opportunities for her clients and loves guiding them through process. She encourages you to live where you love!
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  • Rosalie represented our interests as buyers better than any other realtor we have worked with in the past. We have bought and sold many homes over the years, and this was the first time we felt that our interests and concerns as buyers were genuinely being heard and championed by our agent. — Veronica C. 
  • We simply cannot recommend Rosalie highly enough. She is professional, trustworthy and truly available to her clients in all the important ways. She finds a way to offer support and counsel during difficult decisions in the home buying process that truly helps clients get to the best answer for their needs and priorities. She clearly wants her clients in the best home for them and is patient and committed to the process. We purchased our home while not living in the area and she was critical in our escrow process and paid attention to details that were difficult for us to handle from afar. On top of it all, she's a true pleasure to be around and we really looked forward to our time with her each time we looked at homes!! — Colin & Emily S.

  • Rosalie handled a very difficult and trying sale with extreme skill and professionalism. She went above and beyond what an agent is expected to do and never lost her cool or willingness to go the extra mile. She did an incredible job. — Don & Nita A. 

  • Rosalie really has her act together. Not only did she get our home sold in record time, she did it in a manner that always made us feel like we were her most important client. Selling a home that had been in the family for six decades was emotional at best. Rosalie understood our feelings and made the process of selling a pleasure. — Charlie S. 

  • Rosalie is unbelievable. She is entirely attuned to her clients and deeply sensitive. At the same time, she is the most level headed, logical thinker. She was incredibly thorough throughout our process, and we had great peace of mind knowing we were in such capable hands. Love her and would recommend her to everyone I love. — Annie & Danny C.

  • Rosalie had just the energy and detail to accomplish a cross country transaction that I needed. From the first moment I met her, she asked the precise questions and provided the sense of trust that is essential for productive work together. She was amazing. — Risa R. 

  • Rosalie is incredibly knowledgeable about the Ventura County real estate market, particularly in the Ojai Valley. Her attention to detail and brilliant negotiating skills got us into our dream home. She was able to explain complex housing and market issues in a way that we could understand, which left us feeling truly informed and confident in our purchase decision. — David and Molly L.

  • Rosalie is outstanding. She is a seasoned agent and knows how to navigate the complexities of negotiation. She takes her commitment to her clients seriously. I must also stress that Rosalie is patient, respectful and sensitive to the multitude of emotions that arise during the sale of a home. — Betsy and Aaron C.

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